When we were teenagers we heard about this interesting plantation outside town and we tried to find it. We couldn't. Instead we found this old mansion outside a village, it was surrounded by trees and bushes, you could hardly see it from the road. Once we got in front of the house we realized that it was overgrown by plants and it must have been abandoned for a long time. There was a an old swimming-pool in the backyard which was also full of plants. The house was partly vandalized and some windows were thrown in, so we could easily climb inside. It was big and full of old books and ancient art stuff like statues, weapons, wooden figures and electronics from the 60's, 70's and 80's. There must have been some people before us because some things inside were smashed and a lot of books were on the floor. We enjoyed sneaking from room to room, you could barely see anything because it was so dark inside, it was eerie and reminded us of Resident Evil, which was very popular back then. Before we got out and ran away full of adrenalin, we decided that everybody should choose one item as a souvenir or memory of this day and keep it. A friend chose a sword. I took an old Canon camera from the 70's. I took those two pictures with this camera in the summer of the year 2000. Some things you'll never forget.

The second photo is a double exposure. If you look close you can see the lights of a Regional Bahn commuter train in the background. I was crazy about graffiti these days.