Okay, because I know that you are all waiting for this shit: I made a selection of the Asia pictures and will start uploading them from now on.

Some figures about the trip: I travelled through 5 countries, for 43 days, spent 1.623,11 Euro according to my creditcard, slept on 5 islands, my balls jumped into 3 different oceans, I lost 1 exposed film on my way, I used 14 different types of transport, ended up in 2 hospitals (no matter what the internet tells you, don't worry about the hygiene, it was a brought illness from europe, I always ate in the streets and never got sick), I saw more 1UP throw ups than monkeys, the cops took 3 of my spraycans, I ate around 1 ton of rice and I met countless smiling people along my way.

When I shot I focussed on catching the real vibe in the streets and documenting situations and reality, no postcard asia cliches à la kitschkuts with praying monks in temples and photoshop manipulation. I will try to write some words from time to time or short descriptions. Enjoy watching.